Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

In partnership with parents/guardians, we actively pursue the church’s mission of “Helping everyone
find hope in God through knowing Jesus Christ.” ELCA aims to provide a quality, Christ-centered
environment that changes lives through spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development.

Philosophy of Christian Education

• We believe that Christian education is a vital link in successfully rearing children. ELCA’s staff and founders want to work with the family, their church, and the community to reinforce high moral values and a Christian lifestyle while providing an excellent education.

• The people of Echo Lake Church and Academy believe that the home and church should work together to complement the school. This makes for a well-balanced Christian education.

• Echo Lake Christian Academy can never replace the significant spiritual impact of a godly home and church. The parents/guardians maintain the ultimate responsibility in training their children in the Lord. Still, the school can assist them by including sound Biblical teaching and through the example and leadership of the faculty.

• To educate and prepare for life without including God as central to life does not fully prepare a child. The home, church, and school must work together to prepare children spiritually, morally, socially, and academically for their adult lives. The school’s primary responsibility is to provide students with the necessary academic skills.

• Every child is unique with vast potential but dependent on others for spiritual, physical, mental, and behavioral development. Therefore, a student who enrolls in ELCA should be educated as a whole child, and the education should be based upon a Biblical worldview.

• Education should be available to all children. ELCA will, therefore, endeavor to expand its educational opportunities to parents/guardians and children of all racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds who desire this educational base and are willing to accept the school’s standards.

• Every child develops at a unique, individual pace based on his or her developmental level, learning patterns, motivation, and academic potential. The ELCA program is designed and prescribed to assist each student in achieving a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, developing a Christ-like character, laying a strong academic foundation, and realizing his/her optimum potential for maturation physically, spiritually,
and mentally.